Life is an optimum platform of bountiful opportunities, conferring a constant possibility of blissful venture. What can be a more venturous feat than education? Education is the most democratic segment of our system which offers unconditional and impartial possibility to exhibit our potential.
For more than two decades, we have been extending our endeavor towards catering to quality education. As our name signifies, PYRAMID aims at attaining the pinnacles of success in this pious field of education without forgetting our basic values.
Right from our inception i.e. 1996, we have been striving to shape young minds into balanced and responsible citizens. With our unique coaching pattern, we inculcate among students the spirit of perseverance, dedication, responsibility, commitment and time management.
PYRAMID always believes in the balanced blend of modern and traditional thought process, thus, we encourage innovative concepts and duly reward them through various screening tests.
We accept that natural talent is like a ship and without a seasoned captaincy it can be drowned.
With relentless efforts of our professionals, we shape, sculpt and channelize every student’s potential towards productivity in the most rational and scientific manner.
PYRAMID is obliged to provide quality coaching for various entrance examinations like JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, MHT-CET with the class infrastructural facilities. Morality is the core of our existence and to nurture it we have constant observation towards every student’s behavioral pattern.
In nutshell, PYRAMID is the Gurukul which proudly claims to have preserved the judicious balance of modern and traditional India.

Jayant Ganvir